A letter to my first born child

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10 MAY 2020                                       


A letter to my first child

I am writing this letter to you as my token of appreciation to God for allowing me to be a mother. I am also receiving this letter as mother’s day GIFT to myself. I have had privilege of being a mother because of you. Having you at my teen stage has molded me to be the powerful and confident woman that I am, please receive my love. I honor and value the relationship I have with you. I am able to write you this letter because I have given myself chance to heal from all I went through as a teenage mother. I drew my strength from you

I am so proud of myself to be your mother. if I could go back , I will tell my 17 year old that she is powerful and give her a very tight and warm seventeen year old self had to bear with a lot of staff such as shame, judgement, disappointments and was so painful and hurting, but it was for a while, it was my first time experience of motherhood. Through you I have known what it feels like to be a single teen parent, you made me powerful

If it was not because of you I would not be the woman that I am today. I can’t even picture a moment without in in my life. I would not be where I am right now. You have changed my life in so many ways you an inspiration that I moved on

I have learnt what love, by first loving you is. I have learnt how to handle a baby by first holding you. I still remember the warmth of your tiny body as the midwife placed on my chest…how I can forget. You are my love. You looked so deep in to my eyes I wanted to ask you what do u want!!…LOL. Indeed you brought change to my life.

Through you I developed some powerful parenting skills. I did not know how to breast feed but you taught me. I did not know how to bath or dress a tiny person but you taught me. On many occasions I have looked at you in awe. I have on many occasions counted you little toes, I have counted your little fingers and I loved you more and more. You have taught me how a sleepless night feels like. On some occasions I cried with you, on some occasions I felt pity for myself, but nonetheless we made it. You made a good partner in my teenage parenting journey.

I have observed your every move; I have attended to your every cry. I have spent most time just starring at your peacefully sleeping face and I thank God for such moments. Your little sneezes, your little coughs and your little smiles was cherry on top

Your presence in my life has played with my emotions. There were times when I was excited about having you and there were times when I just wanted to leave you and go back to my teenage life. It was an overwhelming teenage moment of my life, but like I said, I do not regret it. It has built me into a super-cool and confident mum.

My Love, having to raise you has taught me how to be calm and confident. That is why with your siblings I know how to handle their tantrums. Because of you I knew how to bath your siblings, because of you I know how to handle and discipline them. I learnt how to discipline a child by disciplining you.

I want to thank you for being patient with me. Please forgive me for the times I had to leave you and go back to school. Thank you for cooperating with my parents as they stepped in to raise you. I guess you did not trouble them…LOL

As your mother, I know that I am not perfect. I have made mistakes and forgotten things. Please forgive me; I was my first time experience

Thanking for loving all my children that came after you. You did not show any kind of selfishness. You embraced them you loved them and you still do. Thank you for taking the responsibility of being their older brother

I will forever cherish having you as my first born child. Nothing will ever change that. You also have the power; I have seen it the first time I laid my eyes on you. Do me a favor and continue to display your power

And lastly, you are a special kind of thing in my life

Lots and lots of love to you, and of course your siblings. My love will be with you wherever you are

Kind regards

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Thanks for joining me!!!. My name is Kgalalelo Mothibedi. I am a mother of four beautiful and grown up kids( Laone 24, Kaelo 20, Khumo 14 and Obakwe 8.) I look forward to sharing my motherhood journey with you to empower and motivate you that motherhood is indeed a wonderful hood to be in.

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After experiencing the isolation ,the unglamorous and the difficulty of being a teenage mother at a very young age, becoming their mother owner, Kgalalelo started to share her own untold stories of teenage motherhood journey. Kgalalelo know that there are some mums , young mums ,teenage mothers who need to know that they can still figure it all and become wonderful and powerful mothers. The online platform is for all mothers joining hands to show teenage motherhood support .To give parenting advice as well as to offer parenting tips to the teen mothers out there. All is not lost, hang in there teen mum. After being a teenage mother, Kgalalelo soared through like an eagle through the heavy storms. With determination and discipline she pushed through. She became a wife and a mother a 4. Shes a business woman and a working mom. Shes a blogger mom and a freelance writer Follow her as she shares how to figure it all out as that mum


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