It goes without saying that whether you are a teenage parent or not there are times when you feel anxious and overwhelmed parenting
there are times when you feel very uncertain about your whole life. That time when you are attacked by fear, when you having those anxiety panic attacks. When you feel like you are being boiled I a big container.

Becoming a teenage parent can be so overwhelming. Your thinking about the future can be very overwhelming.
Being a Teen parent can make you feel like there is a big rock that you carrying on your shoulders .there will be time when you feel bottled by life its self. Teen parenting can make you feel like your nerves are bulging.
Try your best to keep calm. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Read parenting  books for parenting  ttips and advices

MATHEW 11:28

(28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”)

Sometimes coming back from school and coming to take care of the baby can cause you to be overwhelmed. It can cause panic attacks. Failing your first test at school make life very uncomfortable. Teenage parenting is indeed hard. Parenting itself can be very difficult

What to do when you feel anxious .What to do when you feel overwhelmed by the whole parenting issues

The following is a guide of few steps to follow when you are overwhelmed by parenting and motherhood:

1. Find a book to read or a magazine 

When teen parenting or parenting as a whole make you feel like you having a mental block, it’s important to have a book to read. Keep your mind occupied by a very nice story from the book. Let the setting of the story line capture the moment in your head. There are photo-novella books that you can read to ease your mind off

Find some parenting magazine to read.there are also parenting  blogs that can assist  you to survive  parenting. there are parenting online courses  can also be beneficial  to a new  teenage mother

2.Watch a comedy show
If you have access to the television find a comedy that you can watch. Laugh as much as u can .it will assist to. Calm your nerves

3.Talk to someone 

Remember our article on building relationships .if you have built a stable and secure relationship with someone give them a call .find time to speak to them bottling up and bot taking about your issues can lead to severe mental disorders

4.Unplug from social media
The issue with social media is that the grass is always greener, whereas in real life it is dry. The point is do not feel pressured by social media kind of not compare yourself to the social media people. They are just there to promote their business. They dress up fir photographs and get back to real life. Try to leave real life that you afford.

5. Find a mental health activist 
being a teen parent is difficult. If you have been experiencing some of the above mentioned conditions, see a psychologist. They are free at the government institution. You do not have to spend on them

6. Change environment 
Change of environment is very beneficial both social and physical environment can be beneficial. If you have built a relationship with any your relatives staying a different village or town, try visiting pack your bag and the baby bag and visit them. You will see different people. Different paints of the houses. Different Street set up. And you will exhale and breathe it out. If you can afford a holiday, still it’s a wonderful thing. Go on a holiday. There are many blogs that have a guide to an affordable holiday. Try it will be beneficial to both the baby and you.

7. Find a hobby
Being a Teen parent is very overwhelming and can lead to acute anxiety disorder. It’s important to get a hobby that will take you out of your messy thoughts.

Start a vegetables garden. There are small packets of vegetables such as spinach, onions, carrots .buy one from any retail shop and start a small garden. It will benefit you as you will eat fresh vegetables
Start a flower garden. If u can afford buying flowers you can always ask from the neighborhood and start plant. All this shall assist to ease your kind off the negative thoughts.

8. Express your emotions

The teenage parenthood journey or any parenting journey can be quite overwhelming for the parent. Do not fight you emotions. Being strong does not mean going against the nature of being a woman. A woman has that soft spot of expressing emotions through crying. Don’t hold back, if you have to cry do it. If you have a close friend go to her and cry with. Crying will ease the heave mountain that you are carrying on your shoulders.

9. Maintain your spirituality 
for me spirituality is more than Christianity .don’t get me twisted here. All I am saying is that some are Christians; some are Muslims some are…etc.
They all have some Level of spirituality. Maintain it will carry you afloat when motherhood and parenting struggles are about to sink you.There are also parenting  bible books and parenting  scriptures that can assist  you in surviving  parenting.

10. Affirm yourself

Develop a habit if affirming yourself that you are only human and you possess no superhero powers. Affirm yourself that you are only human and you can make mistakes, don’t be too hard on yourself. Develop a habit of patting yourself on the back, congratulate yourself. Believe in yourself that the next life of motherhood you will outdo yourself.

11.Parenting  mistakes 

Along  the parenting  journey  there are mistakes that you will do.equip yourself  by reading parenting  books  and parenting a  parent you are going to experience some  unpleasant situations when you realize your child’s behavior has changed.

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  1. OMG is parenting ever tough! I have 2 sassy little girls with such attitudes already lol!

  2. As always, wonderful post! So many great ideas to help overcome overwhelm. I think this will benefit all kinds of mothers and carers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Being a parent is tough enough at the best of times. I hope you have a lot of support around you, take care.

  4. Wow, you have so many good suggestions for Mamas who are struggling. I am sure your post can help many people. Good luck on your own journey too 🙂

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