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There is typically no mom who would just push to run away from her responsibilities and duties as a mommy. Everyone who knows me, know that I love and care for my children more than anything. That I try my best to make time for them no matter what arises

But there are moments when I deserve a break from the daily demands of my children. I take such moments as a way of giving myself permission to introspect yourself, to renew your strength. Yes every mom needs to rest both physically and emotionally

There are instances that just force me to wish for time alone, for a mom vacation, just a tiny slice of time for me to relax, for me to be with myself alone in a very cosy scenario. A time for me to be human, and not a mother, not being a wife or being an employee somewhere. Several times I found myself just too desperate to grab any fraction of that moment to just breathe.

Blogger Constance Hall explains why moms always need a break, as a mum, it’s okay to take a break. According to Constance Hall, mums don’t need a break because of the 7 loads of dishes they do per day or the piles of laundry, or the nights they don’t get enough sleep. Moms need a break because of the relentlessness. Hall says that mums need a break so they can mum properly, love properly and live properlyhttps://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1192053580839465&id=1019711431407015&set=a.1028239657220859

I am a member in a number of groups on social media commonly known as mom tribes and until fairly recently, it has become quickly very apparent to me that a lot of mothers out there are struggling and they are desperately longing for some alone time.

Please note that it is important to take any moment you can even if that means sitting on that bathroom on that toilet seat doing literally nothing so you can just sit, that provided you have an under 10 years old would want to accompany you to the bathroom.

Another mom break read:https://parentinghealthy.com/author/esluka/page/169

Truly speaking if you found a moment to be alone, grab it with your two hands like a cat attempting to catch some butterflies because moments are scarce and having children, they are very few and far between. Take the moment, invest in it, and make time for those little moments.

Every mom should do these things when she needs a break

1.Have time with your mom friend

In this blog post, http://becoming-their-mum.co.za/the-importance-of-mom-friendships-mom-tribes-making-mom-friends/we explained the importance of having a mom friend, if you have a mom friend squeeze a moment of having coffee with her and just catch up and embrace the moment you have before it lapses as you get a phone call that someone needs your attention

Besides having coffee you can also have a movie date with your friend, or even alone as maybe the mom friend could not get the moment

  1. Observe your way of thinking

The bible tells us that we must watch our thinking and that we must bring every negative thought into captivity. Begin each day by affirming yourself something really positive. Congratulate yourself for being the mother that you are, how lovely you look today. Anything that will make you smiles.

  1. Be grateful

On a daily basis observe your little wins note them and be grateful for them. Be grateful that you are alive, be grateful that your children have food and clean clothes.


  1. Go for a walking exercise or run

Move that beautiful body of yours every day and learn to love the skin you’re in. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself. You are going to live in that body the rest of your life, so take care of it.

  1. Sleep

If you feel overworked, get into your pyjamas and cover yourself in bed, not a nap on the couch but a real sleep in a warm, cosy blanket

  1. Observe what you eat

Feed and nourish that body very well. Watch your food intake and the kind that you take. Eat and fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive. A healthy balanced diet is very important. Don’t dig too deep in the pockets.

  1. Read and read and read

Always find something to read. Take your mind off your normal life and read a magazine, read a comic book. Just get to read daily. Some reading may help you feel better to follow some of my publications here:

  1. Love yourself

You are beautiful and you need to remind that you are beautiful. Take yourself out on a lunch date and buy yourself something new more often.

  1. Go shoppingShopping can also be window shopping. Go to the mall alone and see some great items that you will buy yourself when you have the money. Find items that you will buy for your next date with your hubby or partner
  1. Keep a gratitude journal

Write down your feelings, your experiences. Write a story of your life, one day you will make something great out of it

In all these things remember you are doing them as an investment on self. You are embarking on a way of making yourself a better mum than yesterday, than last week and last month.

Do yourself a great favour and learn to take a break when needed, take and deep breathe, exhale and remember to be patient with yourself.

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  1. Time to connect with mom friends is SO important. My mom friends and I have been meeting up in a parking lot and sitting in the trunks of our cars such to get our “mom time” in while social distancing!! No one “gets it” more than other mamas. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more with practicing gratitude! My daily gratitude list keeps me aware of how many blessings surround me, and it definitely makes the hard things seems not quite so bad.

  3. We’ve been on community quarantine for 3 months, I am feeling the need for a break badly. So hard to do so when you’re tiny living with 5 other people and all you have is balcony as your “outdoors.”

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