Home made tropika juice

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Hello my friends and family, hope you are doing good!In this era of the Corona virus novel, we seem to have a lot of time available at our disposal. This is the time to harness our inner self, our inner beings and do something with our hands. Do it yourself (DIY) moments most of the time we surfing the internet looking for some tips that makes our lives easier as mothers of the house.There are a number of Do It Yourself ideas that you can download, that you can pin for future use.I have found a passion for blogging, a wonderful good job of blocking everything about family life. it is really helping me to push negativety out and just focusing on becoming the best mum .No matter how hard we are struggling with Covid19, brighter days are coming and this will be over one day. Then we can hug our families again, we can visit our family and friends again. Then we can share our recipes with family at lunch meetings. We just have to endure on a bit longer. Our patience will pay outToday I have a wonderful, delicious home made juice recipe to share with you all:The home made tropika juice. I first shared the homemade juice recipe on my personal Facebook page My friends loved it so much it went up to more than a 110 shares. I believe thier families the enjoyed the juice. My kid really enjoyed the recipe a lot tooAt this time where we are restricted from visiting the shops, it’s the best time to do most DIY recipes and store in our kitchens for our families. Recipe below2 packets jelly powder 1 Cup sugar 50 ml sweeto3 liter boiling water mix to gather and allow to completely cool/chillWhen chilled add about 750ml milk and mix together. Keep chilled and enjoy with ur homemade


food#Stayathome#diymums#happykids#fightagainstcovid19In the recipe I used normal full cream milk, and it tastes delicious . But you can replace it with skimmed milk , fat free or soya milkThere are kid who are lactose intolerant, so will advice the parents to use non dairy milkThere is an option of flavour variation, orange flavour jelly, there is strawberry, there is lemon there is granadilla.You can work around themPackage the juice in your nice bottle and keep chilled. Not sure of expire date, but as for me with a family of 6 with in a week of making it it was finished

After experiencing the isolation ,the unglamorous and the difficulty of being a teenage mother at a very young age, becoming their mother owner, Kgalalelo started to share her own untold stories of teenage motherhood journey. Kgalalelo know that there are some mums , young mums ,teenage mothers who need to know that they can still figure it all and become wonderful and powerful mothers. The online platform is for all mothers joining hands to show teenage motherhood support .To give parenting advice as well as to offer parenting tips to the teen mothers out there. All is not lost, hang in there teen mum. After being a teenage mother, Kgalalelo soared through like an eagle through the heavy storms. With determination and discipline she pushed through. She became a wife and a mother a 4. Shes a business woman and a working mom. Shes a blogger mom and a freelance writer Follow her as she shares how to figure it all out as that mum

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