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In the journey to make momlife easier, I have decided to share my traditional tea scones recipe that I got from my sister in law.

Currently using the recipe for my small home-based bakery business. It can be handy for you too.

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The recipe can also be used in the small home-based bakery business.

The following  recipe  makes 10-liter scones

8 cups cake flour

8 teaspoon  baking  powder

2 cups of sugar

500g butter

5 eggs

750ml  milk

1 cup ultra-Mel custard

Caramel, vanilla  or lemon essence

Preparation  method

1 .mix flour  sugar and baking  powder  in a bowl

2. rub the margarine  into the dry ingredients. Butter should be at room temperature

3. In a separate bowl mix eggs, milk, custard, and essence,  then pour into the flour mixture.

4.by  using  a hand or electric  mixer, mix the dough

5.scoop  the scones mixture into greased baking tins

6.bake for 30 minutes  in a preheated  oven

7. Remove from oven and keep on a cooling rack

8.store at room temperature in a closed container.

As a variation, you can add dried raisins,  desiccated coconut or chocolate  chip to the scones before putting in the oven

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The scones can be enjoyed  warm with butter, cold with jam and your cup of tea or coffee





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