Becoming their mum is an online platform that believes in the power of untold stories. There is someone somewhere who has a motherhood story or a marriage story of their life that they can share and hence improve someone’s life. The greatest intention of our platform is to share relationships and experiences on self-discovery, the importance of education as well maintaining a household.we will talk about juggling between work , business and raising kids. Once you start discovering yourself you will start to realize some areas that need special attention and development.

Will be sharing on how to survive Β teenage pregnancy up to surviving being a teenage parent . Being a teenage mother is very hard and it needs parental support as well as re-finding yourself as a teen mom.After being a teenage parent,consider the importance of education.

There are number of parenting magazines, parenting blogs and parenting stories that a teenage mother can use to motivate themselves. For an improved self image also consider parenting Β bible scriptures for motivation. The parenting journey will at times require to attend parenting classes , they can be online parenting classes or in physical.

Along the parenting journey there will be issues of children discipline, family health issues and the importance of education for you as the mother and the will need to understand the importance of education, the importance of health as well as how to handle failure , disappointments and healing from heart breaks.

All the above, and more others to come, will assist you in the motherhood and parenting journey. you will survive motherhood dear

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