How to survive teenage motherhood & studying

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13 MAY 2020

Teenage parent stories

Being a teenage  parent is hard

Every teenage  parent  has the right to finish school 

Now that you have the baby in your arms, have you ever wondered the kind of future for both you and the baby?

Now that you became a mother you never thought of due to unplanned teenage pregnancy, have you started to now picture the future parent you want to be? Its possible dear, start now

If you haven’t please do so and consider going back to school or venturing into some empowerment programs that will ultimately drive you to start a small business venture.there is an importance  of education  in your life. women’s education  is very important.

Importance of education 

Education is important  to society ,education is important  to  both an individual  ad the world at large.

Proper and good education is very important for all of us. It facilitates quality learning all through the life among people of any age group, cast, creed, religion and region. It is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits. People need to get high level awareness about the importance of knowledge more than before. Education is very necessary for each and everyone in order to improve knowledge, way of living as well as social and economic status throughout the life. Getting proper education is the birth rights of everyone restricting which is the crime. Education is the ultimate way to get victory over all the personal and social problems. Education is very important to all of us as it plays very important roles in our life. In order to live a better and peaceful life, we need to be educated. It transforms us completely from inside and outside by changing our mind and personality as well as improving our confidence level. It changes our life completely as it is constructive in nature.

The following is a guide of how a teenage mother can survive going back to school and raising a baby.It is advisable for every teenage parent that dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy to go back to school to continue where she dropped out, yes, of course other will like to instead to venture into business, which we will discuss in the next blog

Having and maintaining good and stable relationships are important at this stage. Building relationships is important for both the baby and the teenage mother.

Good relationships

Teenage parenting without good and stable relationship is frustrating. The teenage mother will need her parents to care for the baby when she’s back at school. The teenage parent will need to build good relationships with the nursery and day care centers that will be taking care of the baby while she’s at school.

Parenting without stable and good relationships is difficult. It is important also to build the issue of trust. Every teenage parent needs to develop trust with the people that will be assisting to care for the baby.

The teenage parent needs to build relationships at school. The relationships will help as she joins study groups to catch up with the school work.

Every teenage parent needs to establish, maintain and nurture good and stable relationships to make teenage parenting bearable.

Among all relationship, make sure that you keep the teenage parent- child relationship very sparkly. Every teenage parent has to build an unbreakable bond with you and your child.

Self confidence

In our previous post we talked about tips on how to build self-esteem and self-confidence as a teenage parent. Follow  the tips.

Being a teenage parent and going back to school need an improved level of confidence and improved self-esteem. The teenage parent is now with other teenagers and there are issues of back gossiping. With a strong self-esteem the teenage parent will survive. With a strong self-confidence the teen mum will shoulder on. There will be issues of others teenagers not feeling comfortable with a nursing teenage mother. There are going to be issues of rejection. Your confidence will cement you and nothing will shake you.

There are going to be issues of trusting again, but if the teenage parent has strong self-esteem and strong confidence in themselves, they shall conquer.

Set achievable goals

What is your vision with regard to the future of both you and the baby? Once you have a vision written down (Habakkuk 2: 2) .The word of God tells us that once you have a vision write it down, make it plain on tablets so that you can run with it, break it into achievable goals. What are the strategies the teenage mother can put in place to achieve the goals. It is important that the teenage parent set goals that are achievable. The goals must also have time frames.

Have a to do list calendar

When the teenage parent goes back to school, it is important to have a to do list. Have the list on your phone or on your tablet, in our times we used just a journal book and a pen…LOL. Make sure that you stick to the list. In the list you can include:

  • Study time
  • Laundry time
  • Baby parent time
  • Dinner preparing time
  • Self-care time

There are some printable calendars and journals that you can personalize and print out to use them. Click on link below/ see picture below

Don’t lose focus

In all these things every teenage mum should never lose focus. Keep your focus on the goals that you have set; they will take good care of you as the teen mum and the baby’s future. Spend your time wisely time is money

In all things a teenage mother should adhere to keeping good health for her and the a teenage parent it is important to keep your sanity at a high level.

Good health

In the post where we talked about tips of how to build self-esteem, find link attached. In your schedule of to -do things, it is important to remember to add time for physical activity. It can be running along the street for an hour, doing some home exercises the physical exercise with keep refueling your energy.

The energy will be needed for maintaining the baby and yourself as the teenage mother. It will assist also in keeping you beautiful.

Keep posted… thank you very much for reading through

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  1. Parenting is tough, and being a parent while still learning about yourself and the world is even harder as a teen. My Mother was a teenage Mom and looking back I am so proud of her because I don’t think I could manage. Good relationships, self-confidence, support, and not losing focus are definitely needed to keep moving forward.

  2. This is such a necessary post!! There really aren’t enough resources out there for teenage moms that encourage them to continue on with education (so important)! Thanks so much for sharing this guide, I know it will help many young mothers!

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