Importance of kids chore in a home

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Why your kids should do kids chores

Article by: Kgalalelo Mothibedi

24 May 2020

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Here I am sitting on a couch and thinking aloud, I cannot be with my kids in home and all they do is snack and watch television, there is so much in in my plate I’m so in need of help. Beside being in need of extra hands  I believe at some stage there has to be an appropriate kid’s chores system in place in every household. It also took me back that it’s always been traditional to teach your kids household chore.

According to Roger W.Mclintire, Professor and Author of Raising Good Kids in tough times says ‘’a child has to have some responsibilities. Another Author Elizabeth Pantley says  if kids are not expected to follow regularly through their chores, they might put them off thinking someone will do them instead.

Immediately after my overthinking I called a meeting, we all sat in the lounge area and we discussed kid’s chores. Yes a meeting, it’s always important to involve kids in discussions so they can bring in their input and with that they will not feel forced to perform their kid’s chores at home. Having them involved in coming up with kids chores list will make them feel wanted and valuable.

Kid’s chores list/system

The purpose of the family meeting is to develop a kid’s chores system or an app that the family will adhere to. In addition there should also be a kid’s rewards system for the well completed chores. The kid’s chore at home must be age appropriate for them. The kids chores list must be a resolution of all the members who will be performing such chores.

Kid’s chores card system

In addition to making kid’s chore more fun, you can adopt the cards system of chore. The cards can be placed in a jar or a basket that was decorated by them, so they can own it.

It will work in such a way that every morning they will randomly choose from the basket card. The card that is picked will indicate your duties for that day. The kid’s cards basket will help in learning the entire household chores as compared to the kid’s chore list

Having your kids to help around the house is very beneficial to child development. Recent studies have proven that kids who do house chores are more successful adults. Not only science but the bible also say ‘’ train up a child in the way he should go and when he’s old, he will not depart from it’’ Proverbs 22:6

According to child development the kid’s chore chart should be age appropriate. There should be duties for toddlers, preschoolers, primary scholars, middle schoolers up to high schoolers. Do follow and download an ultimate chores list that will guide you as you develop your family kid’s chores list.

Children need to help in the home because of the following

  • They feel wanted and it grants them a sense of value
  • It teaches them some kind of independence
  • It assist the kids to work together and promote sense of unity

The following is a list of some that a day should not pass by without been completed

Make up their bed.

My boys do not leave their beds undone unless they going to go back in bed. It does not have to be that hotel room kind of tagging in sheets but it must be spread and straightened up

Tidy up toys/ shoes

As for the toys and shoes, teach them that every time before bed time they should all be put in their boxes and put in their relevant corners of their room. Every toy has a home that they belong to and should be in that home

Cleaning up dishes

Teach them to wash dishes as from a primary level stage. My boy is 8 and he does the dishes but still under supervision. if there is a dish washer,teach them how to load.

Feeding the dog

We have a dog, Amigo and it’s my boys’ responsibility to make sure that Amigo has food and water. Keeping the dog’s house clean, with adult supervision is also their duty

Sweeping floors

As long as the broom is not taller than them, let them assist with sweeping the floors. It may not be perfect from the beginning but with time they will be perfect

In summing up, there are a lot other chores that the kids can help with. It is important to bear in mind the safety of the children as they perform the chores. It is important to be some parental observation as they complete the chores. After completing the chore there must be a kid’s chores reward system. Good work must be rewarded.

Being rewarded will keep them motivated to excellently complete their chores. Remember to take photos, videos and keep for them as a journal. They will appreciate it when they are older. Remember to always allow them do what they can, not what they forced to do

Keep posted… thank you very much for reading through

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