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Without any doubt I believe we all know that starting a small business is not as easy as it looks in the books and on the internet like we have said, becoming their mum is an online platform where we shall all about mom life and how to make it an endurable and enjoyable journey. We share some small home-based businesses that mums can use to empower themselves. We have compiled a printable article on guidelines for starting a home-based small bakery business download here. The bakery business is based on a personal experience while this laundry one is a random thought that I never implemented, but I believe you can implement it.

The laundry business                                                                 The laundry business is the way to go. It is a business that you can start at home with no start-up cost involved. All it needs is your presence, your commitment, and heart that desires progress. It is not an easy business is a business that you can start in the comfort of your home, with your equipment that you currently use at home.

Equipment you will need:                                              

Washers, that you already have

Laundry bags ( start with the clear plastics)

Door hangers Iron and ironing board, that you already have

what is laundry?

According to, laundry refers to clothes and linen that need to be washed or that have been newly washed, it can be piles of dirty laundry.

A laundry business involves the use of water as compared to the dry cleaners, so be prepared. It is a very competitive business though, but also it’s in high demand as most people no longer prefer to leave nannies in their houses. So it a great adventure that you can tap into.

Your customers will just pass by to drop their laundry. Then arrange if they are collecting or you are delivering to them.

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind

What is your why?

The first to note and understand is why you are starting the laundry. It should not apply to the small home-based laundry only but to all businesses that you will want to venture into. If you have a clear vision of how you want to start, you will develop a plan of progress for the business. Note down how much you are going to need for buying the laundry detergents (washing powder and fabric softer for starting.)


Now that you have made a decision to start the home-based laundry business, it time to start advertising your business. In order for a business to be known it has to be marketed. You can market your business

  • Through word of mouth
  • Through designing flyers
  • Through social media platforms like Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram and Pinterest.

Remember to always put your contact details on the fliers that you will be leaving by the mall, taxi ranks, or any public areas where most commuters pass by.

You can use to design your flyers and use them as a start. If you happen to use someone’s photos to advertise remember to always reference them

Preferred items to kick start the business

The next step should be the inspection of the kinds of items you want you to start with. It can be trousers, a t-shirt, and dresses. Linen, blankets. Curtains etc. make a note of the ones you will start with. Remember to always start small. Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Do not overwhelm yourself with a lot of items to start. Always note the amounts. Take small amounts that you can finish for that week. I always prefer the weekly targets so you do not forget some things out.

Also, keep in mind the issue of sorting out the items. It is a skill that you must excel in so you do not mess up your client’s clothes. Sort them according to colors as well as the kind of fabrics.

Record keeping

As you start a small home-based laundry business it’s important to have a record book where you will be recording your collected items as well as where you will mark out the outgoing clean laundry. Have a section where the owner of the clothes can sign to verify their collection.

In the same book, you can record your payments as well as your expenditure as you buy the products that.

In addition, if you can have tags to mark the laundry bags as you receive it will be beneficial for your small laundry business.

Washing of fabrics

It is very important that as a laundry business owner you inspect all the items before you start washing. Check, read, and understand the care labels of all the clothing items that you will be loading into the machine or hand washing.

At this stage, it is also important to consider which laundry soap you are using as well as the kind and the type of fabric softener

Ironing of the clothes

 The same rule of checking care labels for all the clothing items applies here too. You cannot iron the clothes without checking the care labels. Remember not to frustrate your clients, they bring you that cash flow, no matter how little it is.

The care labels will show you which clothes to iron and which not to iron. Always check the temperature of the iron to avoid damage to the clothes.

To avoid scorching and making clothes shiny you can also opt to press than with a clean cotton cloth.


 Packaging your clothes nicely will always make your customer to come back and to refer someone to you. The packaging is very important

As you are starting you can opt to package your clean clothes in clear plastic bags that have your business flier attached to it.

The items that just require hanging hang with plastic hangers in a clean transparent bag and keep already for collection


Pricing your business will depend on the following

  • Weight of the luggage. Most laundry owners charge per kg
  • The kind of laundry package, you cannot make the price per kg of blanket same as for clothes
  • If you are delivering with your vehicle make sure to cater to the delivery cost

Like I mentioned above, a laundry business needs commitment persistence and hard work. Make sure that you also schedule rest time for yourself

Make sure that you also schedule a time for the cleaning of your house

In the future, as the business grows you can hire an extra hand

Remember starting a small business is not as easy as said; you need to invest yourself in the business so it can thrive

Thank you for passing by

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