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How are you coming through your teenage motherhood journey? You might feel lonely and lazy; body aches, anxiety, and all others. Hear me; all you need is a friend. Finding a motivating mom friend will help you to cheer up and do things fun and enjoyable. It is good to have a parent friend in life. You can achieve common goals together. Even though parenting is different from one person to another, depending on sex, age, and social background, it makes life easier to have a parent friend.

You should know that you two can work together towards a common goal. Don’t give up if your partner achieves the goal before you. The right mom friend will help you to make the goal, and you can help them achieve their goals in return. Your mom’s friend can be someone who has a baby or even if she doesn’t, you just need to find someone you feel comfortable and encouraged to be around them. However, make sure that the connections are without any heavy expectations.

When looking for a mom friend, keep in mind that once you are a mother and have kids, maintaining a friendship can be challenging. Most of the time all you will be talking about will be your children and if the friend is not yet a mother, it can be boring to her, so tread carefully.

Do read here for tips on making mom friends:

Reasons to find the motivating parent friend.

There are various reasons to find a mom friend. You will surely need to get one soon after you know the importance of having someone you can lean on their shoulders, someone you can laugh freely with. Here are some excellent reasons why you need to find a motivating parent friend.

  1. Keep you motivated

A mom friend will keep you motivated during your teenage or motherhood journey. This unique parent friend can inspire you to do your plans with them. If you feel lazy or inactive, they can encourage you to engage in some physical activity and self-love. Motivation is one thing that you need to maintain throughout your success story. Your mom- friend can help you as well as you can help him out to keep each other motivated during the parenting journey.

  1. Setting your goals together

It is important to have a mom friend in your journey to becoming their mum. If your parent friend is interested in the same purposes, it is easy to achieve them together. You can discuss with each other to form intentions of becoming good future mums. These goals should be within a similar interest to each other. If for an example, you are both attending the same school. Both of you need to agree on study time together

You need some common goals to achieve your target. In this case, you are planning to have time for bonding with kid, time for school time for laundry each day. If your mom -friend is capable of doing this, she will agree with your motive. But if she is unable to do, she will ask to reorganize the target. So you can discuss and organize your goals together.

  1. To identify mistakes together

An important reason to have a mom friend/ mom tribes is to identify mistakes. You can discuss your mistakes with each other. If you notice errors, you can inform your mom’s friend, and if your friend sees a mistake, she will surely tell you. Identifying your mistakes is an excellent communication method to stay on track and prevent wrongful techniques. If you do it alone, there is no feedback to check whether it is right or wrong. When you do it with your mom’s friend, you can have positive or negative feedback that will help you to practice parenting in an ideal way.

  1. Share knowledge and experience

Sometimes your partner has more knowledge and experience than you. Don’t feel jealous or upset about your partner. He or she can always share their experiences in parenting and life as general.

  1. Social media groups or websites

There are a lot of Social media influencing pages and teenage parenting support groups. You can find a lot of people with similar interests there. Or else you can use a parent friend finder online. You can discover new friends who are in the same level of parenting as you. However, be careful when you meet them for the first time. Use your sense when you share private information for the very first time. They might be opportunity seekers.

How to choose a correct motivating parent friend

Before you start choosing a parent friend, you should remember to check the following qualities. Some people are not suitable to be your motivating teen parenting partner. They just hang out with you for other reasons than motivating you to achieve your set goals

Finding the right qualities with similar

First of all, identify your fitness goals and compare them with partners. If you have different goals in mind that means you are not compatible. Imagine that you need to start a home-based business while your partner needs to be more flexible and go on road trips. Therefore, you two have different goals. You can’t achieve these various goals by following the same program. It might lead to disagreements and stress you both.

Avoid heavy competitors.

Some people seem to be overly competitive. You should avoid these kinds of people. They will always need to pass other people’s fitness goals. Over competition might reduce your parenting motivation or even lead to depression. Therefore you need to find some people without overly competitive.

Available without any problem

Another essential thing is available when most needed. If your friend or partner. Extremely busy with their work or family life, they are not suitable to be your mom friend. They should be available at the right time to engage the right with you. It is good to avoid procrastination. If they skip plans, it might demotivate you, and it will be a drawback to your aim to become a cheerful and bubbly mum.

To sum up, it is good to have a teenage/parenting motivation parent friend rather than trying to figure it all out alone to achieve your parenting goals. Don’t wish for a mom friend from home, go out and start finding your motivating mom friend today.Doread:









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