Truths No One Tells You About Being a Teen Mom

Before being a teenage mom

If I had known at 16 what I know now, I wonder how life would be. Becoming a mum at a very young age is incredibly tough.

I do not regret being aΒ teenageΒ mother but there are things I wish I had known before.


This one is a big one, a very big one. I have never looked at any confidence in my teenage stage photos; I was self-conscious about everything about myself. What I said, what I wore, how I talked to people. These thoughts really made it hard for me to get comfortable in any social situation. Which is probably why I chose to watch TV at home instead of being social?

And it’s one thing that is still happening to me.No matter how I look confident in my social media photos, is still a large scale introvert.

Every teenage mother need to work on their self-confidence, check this post

The one thing I wish I had known about being a teen mom is how much my life would change. Being a mother changes your life anyways β€” being young is just a bit more stressful because you haven’t experienced much of life yourself. It’s all a learning experience. I love it. I don’t mind that I can’t go out all the time and party like my friends my age do. But I do miss being able to just get up and go wherever I needed to. I can’t do that anymore. I have a human to look after other than myself. You truly do give up your needs β€” not completely, but they’re not in first place anymore!”


One thing I wish I had known was how big of an emotional toll being in separate households from my boyfriend was going to be. It felt like I was a single mother and I developed terrible baby blues, which caused me to leave the father of my baby.”Β I didn’t know at all that a mother and father of the baby have to have a relationship.


This is one of the biggest things that affect teenage moms. I am still labeled antisocial because I could not attend social events in my teen stage you get no chance to attend social parties as you have no one to babysit .sometimes you just not attend social events because of self-guilt.

You get no chance to attend social events as people will gossip that you abandoning the baby. You end up being stuck with your children. Even up 40+, all you want is being around your children, and you are labeled antisocial. It’s a result of teen mom struggles



The most difficult part of being a young mother was the misconception and stigmatization of society. Adults are cruel and the lack of support from society puts you down and makes you feel ashamed of being a parent. I also felt that my children were being judged on the sole reason of having me as their parent. I wish I wouldn’t have felt ashamed or embarrassed. It would have made me a much bubbler individual.


I am not yet where I want to be with balancing lifestyle but if I had known by then will be much better I guess balancing high school classes, raising a toddler, and having a social life was the hardest part of teen motherhood.

I was juggling around through trial and error.Β  I wish that I would have better understood the impact that my day-to-day decisions had on my child β€” choices like moving to a boarding school and leaving him with babysitters, spending too much time away from him, and even the ‘normal’ mistakes thatΒ teenagersΒ make.Β  When you are aΒ teenageΒ mother, you are prone to making mistakes for two, not just you and those mistakes will affect your kids forever.Β  But that sequence of mistakes shaped who I am today, and fostered my desire to make the world a better place for all people who struggle in life.”

What advice would you give yourself at 17-year-old girl? Let me know in the comments!



After experiencing the isolation ,the unglamorous and the difficulty of being a teenage mother at a very young age, becoming their mother owner, Kgalalelo started to share her own untold stories of teenage motherhood journey. Kgalalelo know that there are some mums , young mums ,teenage mothers who need to know that they can still figure it all and become wonderful and powerful mothers. The online platform is for all mothers joining hands to show teenage motherhood support .To give parenting advice as well as to offer parenting tips to the teen mothers out there. All is not lost, hang in there teen mum. After being a teenage mother, Kgalalelo soared through like an eagle through the heavy storms. With determination and discipline she pushed through. She became a wife and a mother a 4. Shes a business woman and a working mom. Shes a blogger mom and a freelance writer Follow her as she shares how to figure it all out as that mum

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