What to do when you feel suffocated by life

What are the things that really suffocate us?

Motherhood chronicles

Motherhood journey

The python story             

In the comic books that we read in our primary stage, there was a book that we read about the python. The nature of the python is to suffocate slowly till it finished its prey and then swallow it.

It wraps itself around the prey and slowly squeezes air out of the prey. The more the prey breathes, the more the python squeezes and ultimately it breaks the bone structure of the prey and that when it will be able to swallow.

The moral of the story is that there are situations in our lives that are suffocating and have python tendencies in our life. There are situations and circumstances that suffocate us to death point. A suffocating feeling is a feeling of helplessness, where you feel like a heavy cloud is covering on you and you feel completely unable to can pull yourself out

There relationships and situations that are suffocating and squeezing the life out of us. Every time you try to breathe or raise your head the python situation squeezes you. There are moments in life that are so draining you feel like lying down your life.

What are the things that suffocate us

Suffocating relationships

The motherhood journey is suffocating by itself; it is overwhelming on its own so it does not need any additional package to accompany it. It is important to avoid suffocating relationships. There are family members that just know how to squeeze the life out of you; we have family members that are never satisfied with what you are doing. There are members that are jealous of how you are progressing. Those people are like a python. They nicely approach you then wrap themselves around you and you will feel their softness and their warmth. The moment you try to raise a head above them they squeeze you, the moment you try to breathe they squeeze the life out of you. It is important to notice such kind of people and avoid them.

Not only family members but there are friendships that are just like that in nature and the funny part is that you realize such when you’re very close to the death of your future. Sometimes we are suffocated by our spouses and life partners. See how you can navigate from such relationships while still breathing.https://happiful.com/how-to-avoid-the-suffocation-relationship/

There are relationships that are very hard, painful, and involve a lot of dishonesty and favors. These relationships involve huge ridiculous expectations from the people we surrounded ourselves with.

Suffocating life issues

There is a number of life situations that are suffocating us. We are being suffocated by our finances, we are being suffocated by our health, we are being suffocated by our studies, we are being suffocated by parental duties, and we are being suffocated by

Physical Environment

There are many times that our physical environment can be very suffocating. You will see yourself staying in an area for long but with no progress. There are areas/ locations that when you enter them you can clearly see that most residents are under the python spirit. There are physical locations that are held captive by territorial spirits that are causing the area to be undeveloped compared to other nearby areas.

The people in that area seem like they are just moving in cycles. Try your best to realize such an area and consider immediate relocations before your future is dragged to death. Those areas sometimes are called comfort areas, move out of those areas. Relocate to where there are energy and power.

Work environment

If you are working, take time to look back at the organizational culture of the place you are working. What is the trend of success of the employees of that institution, make a record, and start your analytics. Do you see yourself comfortable with the kind of life patterns you recognized? If not then that institution is a python to your life. It is squeezing the life out of you.  Do you see yourself going there every day but less motivated about it?

The moment you realize that the work area is suffocating you, start to invest in yourself. Empower yourself so that in case you decide to quit, you will be ready for your next move.

Tips on how to leave suffocating situations in your life

  • Maintain your peace
  • Meditate on the Word of GOD
  • Keep social distance from the people suffocating you
  • Love yourself more and more
  • Invest in yourself and empower yourself
  • Change your environment
  • Visit empowerment blogs
  • If it too much consults with a psychologist
  • Travel, go out somewhere
  • Plan ahead and stick to your plans
  • Have some hobbies
  • Keep a journal.

To sum it all up, it’s important to observe such toxic relationships from an early stage and see how you pull yourself from them. Suffocating relationships can lead to anxiety disorder, it can lead to peer pressure, depression, and all mental health-related conditions.https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/depression-anxiety-what-is-it-like-mental-health-illness-a7602366.html


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